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Tip 3: When planning the menu, decide on the protein first and build the menu around that.

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Macrobiotic diet basics,
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Unique Foods:

Burdock root:
a root vegetable rich in minerals that promotes physical vitality.

Chives and scallions: helpful for a soar throat when simmered in water for 5 minutes. Drink as a tea and eat the greens.

Daikon radish:  a root vegetable that helps break up fats in the body.  When grated and eaten raw, it breaks up new fats as in tempura. When dried it breaks up fats deep in the body.

Dandelion:  a root that can be harvested from your unsprayed yard, it revitalizes and strengthens the stomach and intestines. The bitter taste also nourishes the heart and small intestine.

Gomashio: made from sesame seeds and sea salt, it neutralizes acidity and relieves tiredness.  It also strengthens the nervous and immune systems.

Jinenjo: a root vegetable that increases vitality and nourishes lubrication in the body. It is useful for anemia and general tiredness.

Mugwort mochi: Sweet rice that has been combined with the herb mugwort and pounded into mochi. This food is useful for pregnant and nursing mothers and conditions of anemia. Sweet rice is higher in protein and fat than regular brown rice.

Pearled barley: a whole grain that helps discharge animal quality proteins and fats.  Found in home remedy books:  for appendicitis - eat as a soft gruel;  for yang tumors such as warts or moles caused by the excessive use of animal proteins and fats - eat every day and as tea.

Sea vegetables: nourish and alkalinize the body with the high mineral content; purify the body by removing heavy metals; and dissolve fat and mucus deposits.

Shoyu, miso, tamari:  contain living enzymes and stimulate the secretion of digestive liquids; neutralize extremes of acid and alkaline; contain amino acids which supplement the amino acids found in whole grains; and strengthen the immune system.

Tekka: a condiment made from root vegetables and miso that is rich in minerals; strengthens weak blood; helps cure asthma and diarrhea; and can relieve migraine headaches caused from consumption of 'expansive' foods.

Ume-sho-ban:  An umeboshi, shoyu, bancha tea concentrate added to hot water that is helpful in the case of stomach troubles, tiredness, anemia, weak blood, and headaches caused by excessive consumption of expansive foods.  It is extremely alkalinizing for the body.

White Sugar: strongly not recommended because it weakens the body by:
1)  causing over acidity. The body neutralizes acidic-causing sugar by using mineral reserves of calcium and magnesium from the bones;
2)  "robbing" the body of B vitamins that are needed for calcium absorption;
3)  blocking the absorption of magnesium which is necessary for the 'fixing' of calcium in the body;
4) weakening the immune system by neutralizing white blood cells.   In one study it was found a healthy white blood cell can kill 14 bacteria.  But after 6 tsp. of white sugar it could only kill 5 bacteria and after 18 tsp. only 2 bacteria.  With the U.S.A. , Great Britain, and Switzerland averaging 50 kilos of sugar consumed each year, this study might show a link to the high rate of infectious diseases, AIDS, and other immune system related illnesses;
5) weakening the ability of neurons to transmit effectively;
6) stressing the pancreas because of its continuous demands for insulin'
7) contributing to obesity by demanding the secretion of insulin which is considered the 'fat storage hormone'.

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