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Tip 4: If preparing fish, it's unnecessary to prepare a sea vegetable as both are high in minerals.

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Macrobiotic diet basics
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Macrobiotic diet basics,
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Menu Planning
The components of a complete menu include:

  • Grain
  • Protein
  • Sea Vegetable
  • Vegetables:
    long cooked
    short cooked/raw
  • Pickles
  • Dessert (optional)

To get an idea of this structure that incorporates the Seven Components, the Food Categories, the Expansive and Contractive Forces, the Five Element Theory, and Acid and Alkaline, here are four menu suggestions for the different seasons. Can you feel how each menu feels appropriate for the season? (Note the 5 tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and sharp and the three textures: creamy, crunchy and chewy.)

G: Polenta with fresh Corn (sweet)
P: Creamy Red Lentils (bitter & creamy)
S: Arame with Sunflower Seeds & Chives (salty, sharp & chewy)
V: Fresh Salad with Carrot flowers
P: Quickly-pressed Chinese Cabbage, Red Radish & lemon (sour)
D: Mulberry Kanten

G: Broiled Millet Squash Loaf (sweet)
P: Deep Fried Seitan Steaks with Mushroom/Basil Gravy (crunchy & creamy)
S: Hiziki with Mustard & Scallions (salty & sharp & chewy)
V: Sweet & Sour Red Cabbage (sweet & sour)
Collard Greens (bitter)
P: Takuan pickle (salty)
D: Dried Fruit Compote

G:Rice (chewy)
P: Fried Fish with Ginger (crunchy & sharp)
S: Shio Kombu (salty)
V: Sweet and Sour Red Beets (sweet & sour)
Kale with creamy dressing (bitter & sour)
P: Takuan pickle (salty)
D: Winter Squash pudding

G: Hato Mugi Barley (sweet & chewy)
P: Sauteed Tofu with Peas & Ginger (sharp)
S: Dulse Condiment with Chives (salty)
V: Fresh Lettuce and Wild Greens (bitter & crunchy) with Carrot Flowers, Cucumbers, Sunflower Seeds & dressing
P: Pickled Red Radishes (sharp & sour)
D: Lemon Pudding  (sour & creamy)

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