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Tip 2A: Leave your worries behind and stay focused on preparing strong food with the intention of nourishing your loved ones.

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Macrobiotic diet basics,
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A few reminders:

1)  Clean and organize your kitchen before and while you cook. Tie your hair back and wear a clean apron.

2)  Leave your worries behind and stay focused on preparing strong food with the intention of nourishing your loved ones. Please remember - when cutting your vegetables, guide the knife against the knuckles of the opposite hand, imagining you are holding a golf ball in that opposite hand.

3)  When planning the menu, decide on the protein first and build the menu around that.

4)  If preparing fish, it's unnecessary to prepare a sea vegetable as both are high in minerals.

5)  Do you have something Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salty and Sharp in the menu plan?  Very simply ....usually the vegetables are sweet (i.e. squash), the salad dressing is sour, the leafy greens are bitter, the sea vegetable is salty and the protein is sharp (i.e.. fish with ginger or mustard...or a stew seasoned with ginger).

6)  Sometimes the long-cooked vegetables are combined with the protein in a stew.

7)  The leafy greens can be either steamed, quickly boiled, pressed or raw....depending on the weather.

8)  The pickle might be a long-term pickle, a quick pickle, or an organic, un-pasteurized store-bought pickle.

9)  Usually if preparing a whole grain, a fruit based dessert is prepared because two grains at the same meal would be too acidic.

10)  Dessert is ideally eaten after the kitchen is cleaned....maybe a walk has been taken so  the fruit dessert doesn't upset the grain/protein digestion.

11)  Please begin the meal with some sort of prayer, acknowledgment of gratefulness, or a moment of intention.

12)  Chewing and no stress at the table please.

13)  Everything in moderation.  The human body's ability to adapt and repair is truly miraculous.  We need to eat basic healthy food and drink clean water and enjoy meals and laughter with matter what they're serving.  Just 'bless it' and chew well!

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